Precision control.  Energy intelligence.

An innovative approach to comfort system optimization.

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How can FlowEnergy help your company?

FlowEnergy believes in challenging the status quo for effective and efficient cooling and heating. We make products that increase existing system capacity, reduce energy expenses, and improve comfort. Our holistic energy intelligence and optimization solution delivers unprecedented control, in-depth insights, and sustainable savings. Key benefits include:

Deferred Capital Costs

We determine how to get the most out of your current comfort system. Using our products, customers maximize existing infrastructure to recover wasted capacity and defer millions of dollars in capital investment.

Energy Efficiency

Most systems waste 1 out of every 3 dollars spent heating and cooling buildings. We eliminate that inefficiency, increasing system capacity and delivering long-term energy savings.

Improved Comfort

We save energy while improving comfort. By precisely maintaining the right temperature, customers have seen up to a 90% reduction in comfort complaints.

Improved Maintenance

By optimizing current infrastructure and decreasing hot and cold calls, facility teams have more time available for preventative maintenance.

How it works?

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