Evolution never stops,
and neither do we.

Flowenergy: next generation solutions for energy efficient, cost effective, and comfortable buildings.

A strong foundation + true innovation = evolutionary success.

Our parent company, Flow Control, has a long history of market-shifting firsts. FlowEnergy builds on that proven performance with innovations that make a real difference.

Because we know that today’s best is just tomorrow’s benchmark, we never stop pushing the boundaries to deliver more effective and efficient solutions.

Details and perspective — that’s the key.

Our holistic, consumption-based approach delivers a customized, end-to-end solution that pays for itself.

FlowEnergy considers each element of your energy ecosystem and how they work together. Based on your energy consumption, we reverse engineer a tailored optimization strategy that complements and enhances your existing infrastructure.

From production to distribution to the space, FlowEnergy helps you identify and manage energy risks and opportunities so you can deliver guaranteed bottom line results.

Our product is certainty.

Surge eliminates the guesswork so you can make smart, profitable optimization decisions.

Surge is the first energy optimization solution that combines revolutionary control devices with powerful software to deliver unprecedented insight, access, and performance.

Paired with our expert site evaluations, energy analyses, and strategic interpretation and design, Surge’s superior technology provides the accurate, real-time data you need to ensure peak system performance.